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Providing managed hosting solutions since 2000. Located in Des Moines, Iowa – Contact our friendly U.S.-based support.

Our Industry Leading Partners

We partner with the best in the business to provide you with the perfect solution

  • Yottabyte Private Cloud ZebraHost Des Moines
  • Amazon, ZebraHost, Des Moines, Iowa, AWS Partner
  • ZebraHost, Des Moines, Veeam, Hosting, Iowa,

Geographically Diverse Network of Data Centers

We can provide fast, scalable solutions as you grow. Talk to us about what you need now and what you’ll anticipate in the future. Don’t worry, we can handle it.

All ZebraHost data center locations are secured against physical invasion and server room access is only permitted to certified employees.

With data centers in North America, Asia, and Europe, ZebraHost can find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs. This allows us to be flexible move data at a much faster rate.

High performance servers with better bandwidth and power – tailored for your needs. Completely managed with ZebraHost support.

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