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Alpha Anywhere is the first complete environment for rapid development and deployment of robust business applications for mobile devices and personal computers, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, and touch-enabled computers.

Alpha Anywhere is a standards-based environment that dramatically reduces the cost, time and complexity of developing and deploying scalable, data-driven business applications for today’s mobile + personal computing era. These applications can take advantage of hardware-specific features and support all display sizes on all platforms.

ZebraHost, Des Moines, Veeam, Hosting, Iowa,

Amid the many responsibilities and creative challenges of data management, you’ve got some perils to consider. Hopefully, you’ll never have to cope with a hacker attack or theft, or a natural disaster. Still, you’d be wise to build a plan on the assumption that these threats are almost a given. ZebraHost has partnered with Veeam and is one the most knowledgeable VMware backup specialists providing both a solution and server appliances specifically designed for backup traffic.

For the best image based Backup and Recovery, ZebraHost recommends using Veeam.

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