17 Dec

Carbonite Partner Spotlight – ZebraHost

ZebraHost is proud to partner with Carbonite to offer Disaster Recovery Solutions. Thank you Carbonite for great service, support, and the great write up!

From Carbonite’s Partner page:

ZebraHost is a global application-hosting firm that truly goes the extra mile when it comes to understanding each customer’s unique business and technological requirements.

The company takes a great deal of time to learn everything it can about customers’ industries, business objectives and plans for the future. That’s precisely how ZebraHost and its disaster recovery arm, ZebraDR, have earned a stellar reputation for providing excellent, custom-fit products and services.

“We serve many niche markets and we get to know the markets very, very well,” said Clive Swanepoel, ZebraHost’s founder and CEO. “For instance, one of our major markets consists of developers that use Alpha Software to create their applications. We participate in the forums, we go to conferences and we know most of the key developers personally. We get heavily involved and we’re very customer-service focused.”

ZebraHost has been hosting applications and providing data and IT services since 2000. But the firm recently found that it had room in its portfolio for a new line of powerful disaster preparedness solutions that are purpose-built for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), medical practices and law firms. That’s when ZebraHost and ZebraDR turned to Carbonite.

As a Carbonite Partner, ZebraHost now offers the full lineup of Carbonite backup solutions for SMBs and consumers. That includes Carbonite Personal plans, Carbonite Pro plans for workstations, Carbonite Server Backup and the Carbonite Backup Appliance, an all-in-one disaster recovery solution for SMBs.

“Carbonite fills the niche we had for that small business market,” said Bryan Manning, Sales and Business Development Manager at ZebraHost. “But it also gives us the ability to serve that somewhat larger customer that may need server backup or an appliance on site. Carbonite is opening a lot of doors for us.”

Some of ZebraHost’s favorite things about being a Carbonite Partner include:

The trusted Carbonite brand name
When customers hear the name Carbonite they know they’re going to get a highly respected, reliable backup and recovery solution. That makes Carbonite a great fit for ZebraHost and ZebraDR.

“Carbonite has a very good brand presence,” Manning said. “The reputation is awesome.”

Powerful yet simple backup
Carbonite is a robust and dependable backup solution that is easy to install and use. Partners can easily monitor and manage their clients’ backups through Carbonite’s Partner Portal and Web-based management dashboard.

Excellent marketing and technical support
ZebraHost prides itself on providing top-notch customer support. If a customer sends in a support email, they will quickly get a phone call in return. ZebraHost expects the same level of support from its technology partners. Carbonite, which offers market development funds to qualified partners and assigns each partner a dedicated account manager, fit the bill perfectly.

“ZebraHost is based on support. We’ve had many different software companies approach us about becoming a partner but they weren’t very support-focused,” Manning said. “Carbonite has given us more of a personal relationship from day one and that matches our culture.”

ZebraHost teams up with Carbonite to enhance disaster recovery portfolio

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